Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

The kitchen should be the cleanest part of our house. It is the space where we prepare and eat food. Unfortunately many kitchens are a breeding ground for bugs and pests. Understanding what attracts pests is the first step in controlling them. For example, cockroaches enjoy warm environment and ants are attracted by sweet sticky foods.

Here we are going to see how to keep your kitchen pest free.


Evaluating your kitchen involves observing possible causes of pest infestations. This is the first step in eradicating pests. Here are some guidelines on kitchen evaluation.

how to keep your kitchen pest free


Check for possible entrances where pests can enter your kitchen.

Open spaces such as cracks in walls and floors will be a good starting point. Pests such as mites, ants, cockroaches will penetrate easily through cracks.


Once all the cracks are sealed, the next step is a food storage audit. This is one of the main causes of pest infestation in kitchens with poor storage systems and poor handling of food.

Taking too long to wipe food spillage attracts pests like ants and cockroaches.

Consequently, this will cause these pests to be visiting your kitchen regularly since they recognize your kitchen to be a good place for searching for food.

This is because some pests feed on other pests. Pests such as ants will feed on mites, spiders will also be attracted by flies and as you can see a group of pests has attracted another group of pests and the trend will continue that way.

Eventually you will find your kitchen has become a home for all types of pests hence you will incur a huge cost in purchasing pesticides to eradicate them.

It is advisable to learn how to keep your kitchen pest-free by evaluation of your kitchen. Understanding what attracts them helps preventing them becoming a problem.


Kitchen management involves proper maintenance of your kitchen i.e. the way you control things and activities in your kitchen. This will obviously prevent the pests from getting access to your kitchen.

You have to become a good kitchen manager in order to keep your kitchen pest-free. Here are some guidelines on how to manage your kitchen.


Hygiene is the best thing to do in order to keep your kitchen pest free. Do not let your kitchen to become so untidy that all kinds of pest find their way there.

Make sure your kitchen is regularly cleaned. Always clean your kitchen regularly, avoid leaving leftovers for many days since this will attract flies and mice in your kitchen.

Avoid spilling food and other stuffs in your kitchen and if they have spilled you should wipe them quickly.


Garbage management is another big issue in controlling pest in your kitchen. It should be disposed well in a proper dustbin. Do not keep garbage or dustbins in your kitchen for a long period to avoid decay.

kitchen pest free


Moisture sites should be eliminated to avoid growth of molds and other things. Because moist places will attract many pests including mosquitoes.

When areas become moist they can become contaminated and this will lead to growth of harmful bacteria.

Mites also love moist places and this will be a hazard to your kitchen since they will clog your walls with dirt.


Kitchen management is one of the best practices you can do. Kitchens should be cleaned regularly and remain sanitised at all times. Follow the enlisted guidelines to keep your kitchen pest free.

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