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A leaking tap can drain away as much as 20,000 litres of water in a year. Leaking taps not only increase the water bill but also cause water wastage – and if ignored, the problem just gets worse over time.

The Top 10 Home Plumbing Tips to Save You Money

Don’t worry – out top ten home plumbing tips will help you save water and money.

10 Home Plumbing Tips To Save You Money

  1. Is Your Tap Leaking? Check If It’s Damaged

A tap is made up of different parts, all of which are essential for the tap to function properly. If one part of the tap is not working, it could lead to a dripping tap. To Fix the leaping taps permanently, plumbing contractors like Pro Plumber Brisbane. provide a 12 month warranty on all leaks and blockages. Always choose a plumber that offers a gaurantee on their workmanship and products.

The cartridge is often the culprit and the cause of a dripping tap.

  1. Is the Water Pressure High or Low?

The pressure of the water coming through the tap could also make it leak. If the pressure is too high or too low, it can result in water dripping out.

However, it is not a major issue and can be resolved relatively quickly once the source of the pressure is located.

  1. Check Out For a Broken Pipe

While not as common, cracks in the pipe could cause the water to leak out leading one to believe the tap is leaking. We can locate the spot effectively and fix leaking taps quickly.

  1. Replace When It’s Time

With water passing through the pipes, it will get corroded sooner than later. This will make the pipe crack due to the pressure of water.

Fix burst pipes at the earliest or inspect yearly to avoid any pipe bursting.

  1. Check your pipes during the winter

While you might have a heater in your home, the pipes around your home do not. When the temperature drops during winter in Adelaide, the pipes get affected as water becomes cold and frosts develop. It results in the pipes becoming weak and eventually leading to them cracking or bursting.

  1. Check if there’s a blockage

Pipes can get clogged easily – and you need to identify what might be blocking the water flow.

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Simple to Make Affairs Easier

Don’t over-clutter or over decorate your bathroom. Filling it to the brim with stuff makes it stuffy and unavoidably dirty.

Plus, lesser taps will lessen any plumbing woes.


  1. Look for the right water heater

Many complain that they do not get the hot water they need in their home.

Often, it might be that the temperature setting isn’t put to an adequate level. Alternatively, the water heater itself isn’t big enough to accommodate your family needs.

  1. Don’t clog your drain

It’s really easy to clog your drain – and so you need to be careful what you put into it. You can prevent clogged drains most of the times.

  1. Worried about a running toilet?

Most often, it’s just a fixture gone wrong. After turning the water off, check for a bad fill valve – it’s the culprit more often than you think,

These simple tips will help you save yourself from many of the plumbing woes. However, if you feel it’s something that you don’t understand – do call in the experts. You don’t really want your home flooded with water, do you?